SJF Institute accelerates sustainable entrepreneurs and the fields that support them

We accelerate sustainable entrepreneurs through direct technical assistance (business plan feedback, financing strategy feedback, referrals to additional resources), and workshops.

We help entrepreneurs prepare for equity funding, leveraging the expertise of our affiliated positive impact investor, SJF Ventures. We provide unique support around employee engagement and broad-based ownership. Furthermore, we participate in industry-building initiatives such as task forces and advisory boards and lend our expertise in speaking and judging at national and local entrepreneurial events. See story below describing one example of how SJF Institute accelerates the success of sustainable entrepreneurs.

Story Spotlight: Accelerate

We help build from the inside out

Chandler Design Build
Mebane, North Carolina

Chandler Design Build is a green building firm whose CEO Michael Chandler was looking for help on employee engagement and ownership. Sustainable North Carolina referred him to Senior Director Anne Claire Broughton who supplied him with a sample human resources manual, provided a referral to the National Center for Employee Ownership, and recommended the book Small Giants: Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big by Bo Burlingham. The book resonated with Michael so deeply that he went on to write an online review and has been in touch with the author. Michael told us that it was valuable to have someone provide such helpful resources as well as “have someone knowledgeable to talk to about employee ownership and employee engagement … because employee engagement is really what it’s all about.” Now that’s something to build on.