SJF Institute inspires sustainable entrepreneurs and the fields that support them

We identify best practices and conduct applied research. And we put this knowledge in the hands of sustainable entrepreneurs and business leaders to scale their businesses, create green jobs and invest for greater impact. 

This work includes our research reports such as Beyond Paycheck-to-Paycheck: Wealth-Building Strategies for Venture Capital Funds to Use With Portfolio Companies and Their Employees, as well as one-on-one knowledge sharing.

We also highlight innovative entrepreneurs and practitioners by publicly recognizing sustainable entrepreneurs through our new Green Jobs Award and showcasing lessons from the field through CEO Panels, and webinars.

Spotlight Story: Inspiring Entrepreneurs

We inspire growth of all kinds

Organically Grown
Clackamas, Oregon

Organically Grown has been providing customers with fresh and flavorful organic produce since 1982. Organically Grown’s CEO Josh Hinerfeld reached out to Venture Advisor David Griest as he was exploring various financing options for his business. David walked him through the private equity process and introduced Josh to a potential funder. As a result of Josh’s information gathering and David’s input, Organically Grown ultimately decided private equity wasn’t the best fit. But what was? Josh went on to implement an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Now all 165 employees at the company are owners. Josh has told us that the assistance from David was crucial in identifying the best financing solution to help his company grow and thrive.